3 Signs To Tell Your House May Need A Roof Repair

3 Signs To Tell Your House May Need A Roof Repair

We often take for granted how important it is to keep your roof maintained, which isn’t surprising, since we don’t see the roof up close and personal as often as we see, say, a wall, or the showerhead, or your faucets. Since we see these things every day, we’re more likely to observe changes and signs of aging, and thus spot when they’re starting to wear down and need repair. But your roof needs your attention too, and homeowners often make the mistake of putting off roof repair for far too long. To help you avoid that fate, we’ve got a few tips that can help you tell when your roof is in need of a little tender loving care.


Those Black Spots Are Worse Than You Think

Over time, your roof will, more likely than not, develop dark-colored streaks or spots all over. Homeowners tend to easily dismiss this as a byproduct of being exposed to the great outdoors and all the dirt and dust it brings. But more often than not, these spots are a lot less harmless than you think. These dark streaks are usually signs of algae build-up. Algae thrives and grows abundant in damp and moist places, which means that if your house’s roof has a ton of these dark streaks, you may be looking at a ticking time bomb of moisture waiting to tear through your roof. Wear and tear does not pick and choose its spots to rear its ugly head, and you might find yourself having to deal with leakages at the worst times, so if you see these streaks, take this as a tell-tale sign you should consider seeking help for roof repair.


Curling Shingles

If your roof appears to be “wavy”, or has an uneven surface, the likely culprit is the presence of buckling or curling shingles on your roof. Buckled shingles are an obvious sign of wear and tear, and are also a potential signal for large moisture buildup brought about by inclement weather conditions like rain and snow. The average homeowner may be careless enough to go up to the roof and inspect this themselves, but this will do more harm than good, as it can further accelerate the aging of the shingles, and bring it closer to a critical state. Don’t wait until this happens before you go ahead and seek roof repair help.


Nails Should Not Be In Your Flower Patches

Nails, as you may already know, don’t naturally appear in the ground. So if you see a bunch scattered into patches in the dirt around your home, there’s most definitely something wrong. Those nails have likely been torn away from the roof of your home by the elements, likely because the material of your roofing has begun to rot away, leaving the nails with nothing to cling upon.

As soon as you start seeing even the slightest bit of any of these signs of wear and tear on your roof, don’t hesitate, seek the right professionals for roof repair help. Contact Wilkinson Roofing for your roof repair needs. Servicing since 1996, no job is too big or too small for roofing professionals at Wilkinson Roofing.