Do I Need To Replace My Roof?

Do I Need To Replace My Roof?

You don’t need to experience a dramatic roof failure to know you need a new roof. As a matter of fact, staying on top of your roof’s state of health can help you to avoid these catastrophic events from happening. All too often, home and business owners of put off roof replacement and repair until it’s too late, leading them to much larger and costlier problems that could have been avoided altogether.

The roof is one of the single most important parts of any structure. It keeps the elements out, it ensures energy efficient heating and cooling, and it protects the safety of your structure as a whole. Roof replacement is something that will need to be done throughout the life of any structure, and getting to know your roof is a big part of getting to know your property.

Subtle Signs That Your Roof Requires Replacement

There are dramatic signs that your roof needs replacement, like missing shingles or cracks, and there are more subtle signs. Knowing what lesser-known signs to look for can really help you to avoid a roof failure before you find the time to schedule a replacement. Some subtle signs to look for that point to a need for roof replacement are:

Your neighbors are replacing their roofs – In many neighborhoods, the homes around your home were typically build around the same time. Additionally, they also experience the same weather patterns as yours does. If your neighbors are replacing their roofs around you, this could be a good time to replace yours as well. If their roofs have experienced damage and wear and tear, chances are yours has as well. Following the trend can save you from a catastrophic roofing failure down the road.

Dark streaks – You may look up at your roof, see dark streaks, and think that this is just natural signs of exposure to the elements. While this thought process isn’t necessarily incorrect, these dark stress are far less innocuous than you think. These streaks are caused by algae and moss, which also hold moisture very close to your roof’s surface. This moisture, along with its propensity for freezing, can lead to serious roofing damage and roofing failure. While dark streaks don’t necessarily mean you need a replacement immediately, it does mean that you should have a roofing professional out to your home to investigate the situation.