Is It Time To Repair Your Roof?

Is It Time To Repair Your Roof?

Having problems with one’s home can lead to more severe ones that might require more costly and complicated home repairs. Thus, one should immediately take care of damages after finding them. Regularly checking the home’s condition can make a huge difference. However, some people tend to overlook their roof while others think that repairing the roof can wait.

Both of these practices can lead to costly repairs. Like in any part of one’s home, damage on the roof should be dealt with as soon as possible. Check the following areas and see if you find any damage. If you do, consider employing the services of an expert.


If your home has an attic, you better check that place first. See if there are beams of light that are coming from the roof. You should also look for strains or streaks that a leaking roof may cause.


Usually, shingles can last for about 20 to 30 years. However, weather conditions affect their life expectancy. Thus, one should make sure that the shingles are lying flat against your roof. Look for cracks, damages, or buckling. You may also check for shingle granules in the downspouts and gutters.

If you think the shingles look darker than the original color or seem damp, consider replacing them. The dampness may be due to the existence of algae that can affect and spread to a home’s walls.


Of course, you should also check the condition of the roof itself. Check if it has moss, which is a sign that moisture is trapped and can lead to more roof damage. You can deal with moss by using a stiff brush. If you think it is something that you can no longer address through cleaning, maybe it is time to have a roof repair.


Check if the exterior paint of your (( home has blisters or peeling. It may be due to the seeping of moisture into the walls. If you notice this happening to your home, you should do repairs before the blistering affects the interior paint. Ask professionals to find the source of the leak.

Surrounding Objects

Other things can affect the conditions of the roof. Repairing the roof can sometimes be due to the deterioration of these objects. Always inspect these things when checking on one’s roof. You should also fix any damages they have to avoid ruining the roof.




Gutter line

Roof deck

Check the walls for parts that may lean downwards and the deck for possible sagging. You can inspect these through the upper floor or the attic of your home. If you find sagging roof decks, contact professionals immediately. If one disregards this problem, it can cause the whole rooftop to fall inside and lead to property damage or injuries.

If you think your home is suffering from roof damage, you should turn to an experienced company. Call Wilkinson Roofing for inspection and repair.