Is Your Roof Ready For Fall

Is Your Roof Ready For Fall

The fall season is upon us which means it’s time to get your home ready for the changing of the seasons. One aspect of your home that is particularly at risk during fall is your roof, and preparing your roof for fall will ensure you’ll get more value out of its lifespan. Getting your roof ready for fall gives you the peace of mind you need to really enjoy all of those autumn family gatherings, bonfires, Trick-or-Treaters, and cozy nights curled up with a warm drink and a good book.


The 5 Ways To Get Your Roof Ready


You may wonder just how to get your roof ready for fall, and there are specific steps you should take to ensure your roof has been completely prepared. The 5 ways to get your roof ready for the autumn season are:


  1. Have your shingles inspected – Always take a walk around your property to see if you can see any shingles or shingle pieces laying around your property. Fall tends to be a windy season, and this could lead to shingles detaching from your roof and finding their way around your property.


  1. Keep an eye out for gaps or cracks – The high temperatures of summer can do a number on your roof, causing cracks or gaps in your roof’s surface. The heat of summer causes your roof to expand, which will then begin to go back to normal as the cool weather of fall sets in. These gaps and cracks can leave your home susceptible to leaks and moisture.


  1. Clean out your gutters – As leaves fall, they have to go somewhere. While some will land on the ground, others will find their way into your gutters. Keeping your gutters free and clear from leaves ensures water won’t begin to pool on top of your roof.


  1. Inspect the inside of your home – Taking a look around the inside of your home for leak spots on your ceiling or in your attic could point you to roof damage in need of repair. These moisture spots will only grow worse without repairs being made.


  1. Inspect your roof seals – If you have openings in your roof for chimneys, skylights, or pipes, the seals around these fixtures will need to be checked during the fall season. If gaps or cracks are present, this provides ample opportunity for moisture to make its way in.


Have Your Roof Inspected And Repaired


Having your roof professionally inspected will give you complete peace of mind that your roof is in good standing. Should anything come up in your inspection, it also gives you a convenient opportunity to have these issues fixed before they’re allowed to grow into larger repair needs. A professional roofing company will know just what to look for and how to best keep your home safe and prepared for another great fall season. If you’re looking to prepare your roof for fall, contact us at Wilkinson Roofing today.