It's time to inspect your roof.

It's time to inspect your roof.

Free inspections are a win-win for everyone involved. It allows people to feel the environment where they want a project done, helps them make cost comparisons and budget more effectively, and gives renters advice on how to fix small problems before they become big ones. So we hope that this post will help you recognize the need for free – using free inspections to land more business.

It's easy to think that the phrase free represents simply a budget dollar. But when you think about it, free is also a label that can provide value to both the property owner and the inspector.

Offer Particular Examination Reports

Providing a detailed inspection report will help them compare different quotes from different contractors and make an informed choice. Additionally, it will also help them budget for the project more effectively. With your detailed report, they will be able to assess the work that needs to be done and what it would cost for each of these things.

Make It the Client's Idea

Free inspections are beneficial because they allow you to use your client's ideas. If you can make something look like their idea and then mention that there is a fee involved in following through with it, they will most likely go ahead with it, especially because they have already stated that they want a free inspection in the first place.

Provide Ongoing Service Agreements

In many cases, the tenant will find the inspection useful. In this instance, they may want you to perform a regular inspection on their property each month or quarter. It is a good idea to offer this service, as it will keep you in constant contact with them, and they will rely on you as a resource regarding their rental property.

Provide Inspection Services That Are Specific to Your Client's Needs

Ensure that you provide services specific to your client's needs to keep them happy. Many people choose their contractor based on price alone; however, if the company can offer something that other companies don't, they are more likely to choose that company over another one. Keep in mind that this also works in your favor.

Be Ready for More Inspections

It would be best to obtain more business by becoming more well-known to people. It is done by telling them what you do and how long you have offered free services. It is also possible to establish a network of people who need you to inspect their rental property. It will provide you with a steady flow of work, which will allow you to charge more for your services as time goes on.

Make Sure You Have Something Unique

There are many ways to improve your business by including something unique about yourself that is not shared with other contractors. It could be your service or something else that sets you apart from the competition. Whatever it is, you should make sure that it is done in a way that makes you stand out from the rest.

Proper Information

Remember to provide information to your clients at every step of the contracting process. Your clients will appreciate it if you give them all the necessary information regarding the progress of their project and what needs to be done next. For example, you can ask if they have already discovered any problems or if they have their prospective contractor, or if they need a designer for that particular job. These are all questions you can ask them to alleviate any confusion before starting the job or to help them choose between different contractors.

Build a Strong Brand

Be sure to build a strong brand and make your name stand out. People must recognize you as the appropriate person for any project and trust you to deliver the highest quality work. It is also important that you completely understand your client's needs so you know how to better work with them and get what you want out of the deal.