Safe Roof Decorating Tricks for this Holiday Season

Safe Roof Decorating Tricks for this Holiday Season

With the holidays fast approaching, people are starting to think about their decorations and how they want to set everything up this year. However, in their excitement and haste to get the festivities moving along, people can sometimes forget safety. So, today we will go over some safe roof decorating tricks for this holiday season.

Check the Lights

Let's start at the beginning. Before you even pull out the ladder and set it up to go to the roof, check all your lights first to make sure everything is working. This minimizes the number of trips you have to make up and down. No one wants to realize the lights don't work when they are already set up and ready to plug in.

Safe Ladder

Always inspect your ladder before using it. Make sure there is no damage, and it is sturdy and tall enough to get you where you need to be on your roof. You don't want to find yourself reaching because the ladder was too short.

Secure the Lights

When placing the lights on your roof, never use nails, screws, or staples. Not only can these damage your roofing structure, gutters, and siding, it can also prove to be dangerous. Instead, use hooks. This cuts down on the possibility of frayed wires that can ultimately lead to a fire starting on your roof.

Avoid 7-Volt Bulbs

Check the lights you will be hanging on your roof. Avoid anything that says it is 7-volts or higher because this can potentially start a fire.

Exterior Lights Only

You should also only be using lights that were specifically designed for outdoor use. These lights are made to withstand different weather conditions and can hold up.

Never Pull on the Lights

When it comes time to remove the lights from the roof, make sure to grab the ladder and carefully unlatch each strand of lights from the hooks you used. If you pull on them to get them down from the ground, you run the risk of causing serious damage to your roof, shingles, and gutters.

Be Selective

If you plan on putting other decorative items on the roof, make sure they are safe for the roof and won't cause damage or unnecessary strain or pressure on the roofing structure. Heavier items should be avoided. You should also refrain from putting anything on the roof that can fall over and damage the shingles or pull the shingles down.

Roof Inspection

Before putting up any decorations, it might be a good idea to call in the roofing experts at Wilkinson Roofing. They can perform a roof inspection and advise you of any repairs or maintenance that should be done before you put up your holiday decorations for the year.

Regular roof inspections and maintenance are critical in keeping your residential roofing system in great condition year-round. Don't wait until there is a big and costly problem to call in the experts.